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An autumn pocket square is a fashion accessory typically worn by men in the pocket of a suit or blazer. It adds a touch of style and elegance to an outfit, particularly during the autumn season. When selecting a pocket square for autumn, you may consider the following factors:

1. Colors: Choose colors that reflect the autumnal palette, such as warm tones like burgundy, mustard yellow, burnt orange, deep green, or rich brown. These colors align with the changing foliage and create a seasonal aesthetic.

2. Patterns: Opt for patterns that evoke autumn vibes, such as plaid, houndstooth, paisley, or subtle floral designs. These patterns add visual interest to your pocket square while capturing the essence of the season.

3. Fabric: Consider the fabric based on the formality of the occasion and personal preference. For a formal look, silk or satin pocket squares work well. For a more casual or rustic style, you may choose tweed, wool, or a textured fabric that complements the seasonal look.

Remember, the pocket square should complement the rest of your outfit while adding a seasonal flair. Don't be afraid to experiment with different colors, patterns, and fabrics to find the perfect autumn pocket square that suits your style and enhances your overall appearance.


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